… or my ability for adventure. While the offer to have my youth back is tempting, I am still young enough to have my spunk. If I wanted to don a suit of mail and plate and chase down something truly vile, it wouldn’t be my age that stopped me.

Maybe I will go out and carve my own path. My children are no longer around and maybe firsthand experience is what’s needed. Hmm…

  1. viola-strum said: Goodness. That’s QUITE the response to my inquiry. I do wish you well in the future then and hope you find inspiration for your stories if you charge out there. (Thank you for such a fun response like that!)
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    This is an excellent idea. Things will go wrong, but they will also go incredibly right. GOO FORRRR IIIT!
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    "Wow mom….. I never knew you were a warrior!"
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    "… Mom, why do you even have a suit of armor? Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool that you do, but I’m confused about why a...
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